Anonymous: Since you've been on the topic tonight; my best friend had an abortion last week, and I truly am pro-life and it is often hard for me to accept that she made that choice. However, it was her situation and I want to be a positive support for her as well because I know it is very hard for her. I guess I'm just wondering if you have any advice on how to discuss it with her, or if I should just keep my opinion to myself

In a situation like this, you can only voice your opinion before the action, and stay silent after. What’s done is done, and it’s very sad that she had made that choice, but discussing it won’t change the fact of the matter. Shes your best friend, and though you may not support her decision, you need to support her.

Anonymous: (PART 2) How can I tell him that I don't want things to be like this without seeming like I led him on? He keeps telling me how happy he is, but I'm so uncomfortable. I just don't know how to change things without him feeling like I didn't mean it when I said I liked him. Thanks <3

Well, first off, why dont you want a relationship with him?

Anonymous: (PART 1) Hi :) So this guy and I have been friends for a few months and always been flirty with each other, and we recently talked about kind of having feelings for each other. In this talk, I explained that I didn't want to be in a relationship right now and that we should just keep things very casual and see where it goes. However, he is acting very relationship-y, like telling people we are dating, constantly calling/texting, referring to me as his girlfriend - all things I really don't want.
Anonymous: i keep dreaming about a friend of mine. in every dream there is a different situation that makes us fall more for each other than in the last one. is wierd. we are friends, but not very close ones. i cant stop these dreams. i feel safe everytime i dream about him, its like.... idk. what shoul i do? _:s

Maybe you have feelings for him? Your dreams are often subconscious variations of how you feel in real life. Tell him how you feel, and see what can come from it

Anonymous: So I've been going out with this guy and he's my first boyfriend for only 2 days now and everyone thinks we're cute together and I'm like bestfriends with his sister but I'm really not that happy. I've kind of built up this idea of getting to know someone while you're dating them and always wanting to see them but that's not how I feel. Can you please help? I don't want to break up with him and have his sister hate me or make anyone mad or anything, please help. I don't know what to do ..

Youve been dating for just two days? Sweetie, I highly doubt there would be feelings hurt beyond repair if you decided seeing this boy isn’t what you want right now. And a best friend would never drop you so easily, especially over something so minor. Not to mention, I’d imagine your friend would be happier if your attention was more focused on her, rather than being shifted to her brother. Don’t stress out (:

Anonymous: So my boyfriends mother has pretty much become a huge factor in our relationship. I personally can not stand her which is saying a lot because I normally get along with everyone perfectly fine. I feel like she's kind of tearing us a part unintentionally just because of how much she buts in and whatnot. I guess its hard to explain to someone who doesnt know the situation but what im getting at is his mom is making me lose feelings for him and i really dont know what to do about that.

Tell him that you’re in a relationship with him, not him AND his mother. Say how she shouldn’t play such a key role in your relationship, and that she shouldn’t have a say in anything that goes on between you. Make sure he understands that this is an issue that he needs to fix, because it’s his mother whos causing these problems, and he needs to do something about it

Anonymous: I went on a first date with a great guy on Monday night, we ended up talking for 5 hours and it was really sweet. We were texting all day yesterday and he went out of town today and hasn't reached out at all. I only texted him once early this morning wishing him safe travels. I should wait for him to text/call me, right? I am so bad at this stage in the dating game. Please help!!

If he’s going out of town, then he probably doesn’t wanna be occupied by his phone. Im sure he’s still very interested! Just busy for the day. Wait for him to text you/call you, before you reach out to him again (:

Anonymous: I tried to get out of it, but it didn't happen. But I don't work often, so there is plenty of free time to spend with him! Its just that he overreacts easily and I'm scared he will call it off again. Maybe I'm just over thinking but I really want to be with him and I don't want him to leave that easily

I used to be this SAME EXACT WAY with my boyfriend. Super scared to disappoint him, and that he’d leave me if I did. Just tell him you have work, and ask him if you can go to the beach after you get off work!(:

Anonymous: ... Talk, almost every single day. It's evident we still have strong feelings for each other, he's still my bestest friend. We're giving each other time for decide what we want for each other, but the other issue is that I'm leaving the country in about a year & he still hasn't made a move about doing something to keep us together or reestablish the relationship. Do you have any opinions about this? HELP!

If you love each other, be together, because love is honestly, truly, the most powerful feeling, and can overcome anything. Tell him exactly what you want this time, straighten things out right from the beginning, and if you want the same things, then be together. If you don’t want the same things, and you love him as passionately as you say you do, then screw it, be with him anyway.

Anonymous: So, here's my deal. I broke up with my ex boyfriend on May, we had been dating for a year & a couple of months. I swear, it was the best relationship I've ever had, we were happy, hilarious together, I mean, everything I could possibly ever want from a relationship, problem is, we were moving at glacial pace & at some point in our relationship I really wanted things to be serious, but he wasn't prepared for it. He dumped me saying that my claims weren't fair for him at the moment. We still..

Part one…

Anonymous: Summertime. I feel like I should be happy. But I'm just not. I go out, I party. I smile. But I don't feel happy.

Maybe you subconsciously are unhappy with how you live your life. Do you surround yourself with people and things that you love? Or do you settle for what’s already in reaching distance? I’ve found that spending your time on something or someone that doesn’t make you 100% happy, will only trick you into forgetting what true happiness is. Work on making yourself happy, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, because you’re the only one who has to live with yourself, and you need to make sure that you’re content with who that person is.

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 months, I am so in love with him but I has always felt like he was holding back. A couple of weeks ago he caught up with his ex who he is still in love with and then told me he was and has been really confused about his feelings for me and we went on a break. He decided after the break to stay with me and I am happy but he still loves his ex and I don't know if I believe him anymore when he says he misses or loves me. He hurt me so much.

Tell him that. Tell him you don’t want to be a second choice or a backup plan. Show him that you’re not going to chase after him anymore, but that you deserve to be chased.youre young and don’t need to waste your time on someone who doesn’t make you as high of a priority as you make them. Tell him you love him, but that if he doesn’t feel the same way, then he needs to stop stringing you along.

Anonymous: I'm very sad. But I don't know why.

Don’t give into the sadness. Go outside, see friends, don’t sit in your bedroom or seclude yourself when at home. Is it summer or winter where you are? You may even have seasonal depression.

Anonymous: as i said, he had me back within a week. but just a month after we broke up, he went to a party and she was there, and he didnt even tell me he was going. he says nothing happened and i believe him. but since then i havent felt happy or loved by anyone, ive turned into this paranoid distrusting jealous shadow of myself. he and i rarely see each other, we hardly even talk, and its our anniversary today.i need to do something, i cant go on like this. but i cant let him go. and yes, we have has sex

Hi darling (:

Well, your boyfriend obviously has a substance abuse problem. If he constantly feels the need to be on some sort of high, and allows whatever he’s using to influence him in a way that hurts those around him, then he has a serious issue, one that could develop into something even worse. This can go three way. First; you could sit back, let him hurt you, and do nothing about it because you care too much to leave - I don’t suggest this. The second scenario would involve leaving him, and moving on. Lastly, if you truly love him as deeply as you seem to, and see a future with him that you’re not ready to give up on, you can give him an ultimatum. If he refuses, then he’s not worth the trouble, because he obviously isn’t serious about you and your relationship, and he doesn’t deserve someone as devoted and committed as you. Tell him he needs to quit drinking and partying, explain what you’ve explained to me, and make it clear that if he can’t sacrifice his partying time for you, then you can no longer be with him. 

Anonymous: oh gosh!i'll retype. so anyway in feb, he was acting very odd. i can tell when hes drunk, and i knew he was but he was telling me he was sober. he was acting weirder as it went on so i logged onto his facebook, first time EVER doing it, and he was sexting a girl. the same girl he has asked to his prom behind my back.(we had gotten over that) i dumped him and he had me back within a week, i can never stay away. god ill have to continue it again, sorry about this honey

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